7 UAE Companies designing incredible workspaces

As the UAE’s reputation as an international trade capital continues to grow, businesses within the country are placing an increasing amount of attention to things like office design. We’ve already highlighted the incredible efforts some of the county’s leading businesses have undertaken when it comes to creating inspiring workplaces for their employees. Incredible as those […]

The ENTERTAINER’s Chantal Endemman talks hands-on employee engagement, building a strengths-based team

When it comes to getting great discounts at restaurants, leisure attractions, spas, and hotel accommodation across the across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe, there are few names bigger than The ENTERTAINER. Headquartered in Dubai, the company has helped millions save money on great experiences and exposed companies to customers they wouldn’t otherwise have […]

Rewardz’ CERRA: Changing the face of employee rewards [ADVERTORIAL]

Traditionally, employee rewards are based on loyalty or meeting specific goals. Thing is, they’re typically given out on an annual basis. By that stage, most employees are neck deep in other projects. Alternatively, given the speed with which contemporary workers move between companies, an employee could’ve left the company. In a bid to bring employee […]

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