Rewardz’ CERRA: Changing the face of employee rewards [ADVERTORIAL]

Traditionally, employee rewards are based on loyalty or meeting specific goals. Thing is, they’re typically given out on an annual basis. By that stage, most employees are neck deep in other projects.

Alternatively, given the speed with which contemporary workers move between companies, an employee could’ve left the company.
In a bid to bring employee rewards up to date, employee engagement and technology company Rewardz has built Cerrapoints, a new app which allows employers to reward employees at regular intervals for meeting specific goals.

The Cerrapoints app aims to empower and reward employees for their day to day actions and activities that contribute towards your company’s strategy and business goals. It provides a medium for employers to reward employees beyond the traditional salary and bonus compensation model. Companies can customize the app based on their specific preference, such as rewarding staff for staying healthy, long service, job-specific activities (e.g. client or staff referrals, punctuality, accuracy, etc.), sales targets, special occasions and events such as weddings, birthdays and more.

Cerrrapoints offers a personalized guide to encourage staff to know what is taking place within the company itself. Using the app, companies can keep staff updated on training sessions or a colleague’s birthday. Staff members can be reminded of their meetings scheduled for the day. Additionally, the Cerrapoints app offers a personalized guide for the health-conscious where employees can track their wellness progress as well as Facility Check-ins. The app can be synced with activity tracking devices such as Jawbone or Fitbit and can keep track of the number of steps taken in a day as well as alert the individual if it’s time to get up from their seat for a well-deserved break.

Using a system where employees can accumulate points and redeem rewards for themselves, the Cerrapoints app allows each employee to work towards their personalised goals. The app allows for a variety of vouchers to be made available at once, catering to various interests such as shopping, dining, and hobbies.

Not only does this encourage better work performance but it also fosters cohesion and through the use of tried and tested gamification techniques like league tables and bonus points, the app can foster healthy competition amongst employees, pushing them to work harder and smarter to gain better rewards.

The mobile app is available on both Apple and Google Play Stores.

More information can be found on the Rewardz website.

Rewardz’ CERRA: Changing the face of employee rewards [ADVERTORIAL]
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