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The Communication of Core Values

July 12, 2022 EngageMe

Communicating from the Top

July 11, 2022 EngageMe

Employee Communication: Why You Need Specialists to do the Job

May 19, 2022 EngageMe

Communicating Your Strategy

May 18, 2022 EngageMe

Change Communications Made Easy

April 20, 2022 EngageMe

Employee experience – shaping the new possible

March 31, 2022 EngageMe

Newsletters that Employees Actually Read

March 8, 2022 EngageMe

Thriving during The Great Resignation

February 22, 2022 EngageMe

How to create a culture of engagement in your organisation

November 30, 2021 EngageMe

Battling with your internal communications? You might have a bigger problem on your hands

November 23, 2021 EngageMe

Want to achieve the best internal communications? Make them snack-sized

November 1, 2021 EngageMe

How to Use Gamification: 5 Steps to Using it as a Great Employee Training Tool

August 3, 2021 EngageMe

Employee Engagement Surveys: 3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid at all Costs

June 14, 2021 EngageMe

Communication only works when it’s sent, received, and understood properly. And how do you know if all three elements are ticking off in your organisation? Employee engagement surveys. Getting these done correctly is your top mission. As both an employer and a solution provider, we are here to guide you through the do’s and don’t’s of surveys. So get ready, roll up those shirt sleeves and let’s get started on creating winning internal communications.

Are Your Employee Brand and Value Proposition Telling a Coherent Story?

November 25, 2020 EngageMe

To attract the best talent, companies need not only to have a clear and authentic employee brand, but also to understand and communicate a winning employee value proposition. Just as your customer value proposition answers the question “why should I buy from you?”, the employee value proposition answers the question “why should I work for you?”.

Returning to the Workplace: 6 Internal Communication Guidelines

November 4, 2020 EngageMe

As lock-down restrictions in the UAE and around the world begin to ease, organisations are implementing plans for the safe return of their employees to the workplace. After months of effectively asking employees to stay at home (other than frontline staff), communication professionals must now encourage employees to return.

Atlantis, The Palm’s Kristina Vaneva on keeping a city-sized workforce engaged

November 3, 2020 EngageMe

It takes a lot of workers to keep a resort the size of Atlantis, The Palm running smoothly. This award-winning resort has 1 539 rooms, a water park, several celebrity restaurants and bars, an aquarium with over 65 000 marine species, a Dolphin Bay and Sea-lion Point, a kids’ club, and incredible conference facilities.

The corporate wellness solutions of the future will be individually tailored: here’s why

November 3, 2020 EngageMe

The vast majority of corporate wellness offerings have always been pretty standard. Maybe, as you moved up the corporate ladder, you’d get a few more perks, but otherwise things were pretty much the same across the board.

Employee Health and Wellbeing Matters in Business

September 14, 2020 EngageMe

We strongly believe that employee health and wellbeing matters in business, which is why Engage Me is thrilled to once more be associated with the annual Wellbeing at Work event. The event returns to Dubai on 3 March 2020, at The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina.

Facing times of crisis: An internal communications playbook

September 1, 2020 EngageMe

At times of great uncertainty and change, clear communication becomes more important than ever—but also more difficult. How do we calm fears and keep focused on the future when we’re surrounded by panic and all our plans have been turned upside down? This is a situation that calls on us to use all our internal and external resources for the common benefit. In that spirit, here is what we’re able to share about effective internal communication in times of crisis.

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