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Change Communication

Drive change and inspire transformation

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Embrace change

Thinking about making a change? Your employees will embrace change when they feel included in the change process. At Engage Me, we don’t just communicate change–we influence transformation and inspire a new way of doing things.

Change communication strategy

Communicate change and influence transformation by focusing on what matters the most – ensuring your employees are willing and able to change.

  • Clarify change goals
  • Shape key messages / message house
  • Develop change communication plan and tactics
  • Provide ongoing implementation support
  • Measure impact

Change readiness assessment

Is your organisation ready for change? Use our change readiness assessments to help you prepare.

  • Implement readiness assessment survey
  • Conduct readiness assessment workshops
  • Develop change stakeholder map ( awareness and support)

Change journey map

A picture speaks a thousand words. Develop a visual change map to help your employees understand the transformation journey ahead. By clearly identifying key milestones and painting a picture for success, everyone can embrace a new and better way of doing things.

Change ambassadors’ network

We’ll help you identify and support Change Ambassadors from across the organisation, selected on the basis of their networks, credibility, influence and ability to communicate.

  • Change ambassador selection
  • Change ambassador roles and responsibilities
  • Change ambassador toolkits
  • Change ambassador workshops

Change toolkits

You can’t simply tell employees about change and expect them to get on with it. From user guides to FAQ packs, our change toolkits are designed to equip your employees with the tools and capabilities they need to make change happen.

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