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20 Jan 2021



Are you ready to lead your organisation in 2021? The coronavirus pandemic has thrust every business and leader into a situation of managing change and thinking about how to get their employees on board for what comes next.

At its core, change management principles are solid and they apply in multiple situations. Providing a vision for the future, engaging people, reducing perceived costs of a change—all of these make sense and are so foundational they cannot be wrong. And yet, the pandemic has turned everything upside down.

Agenda items

Join us for an interactive webinar where the Engage Me Team will explore ways in which you can effectively harness the power of change communication to achieve your vision and objectives for 2021. During the webinar, we will:

  • Explore the core pillars of change management
  • Provide change communication top tips
  • Share practical examples from our clients
  • Host an open Q&A discussion

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