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Evaluation & Measurement

Determine the effectiveness of your internal communication and engagement initiatives.

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Measure for success

Are your internal communication and engagement initiatives delivering results? Use our tried-and-tested solutions to collect, track and analyse informative data and insights. Once we understand what makes your organisation tick – your culture, your people, your stories - our team of experienced consultants will interpret the results and recommend action steps for success.

Internal communication audits

Today’s employees want information at their fingertips – immediate, customisable, and easily consumable. Use our audits to determine the effectiveness of your communication initiatives and channels.

  • Review current data and metrics
  • Implement audit survey
  • Design and conduct focus groups
  • Evaluate communication materials
  • Assess communication channels
  • Collect and analyse results
  • Develop a detailed findings report
  • Recommend action plans and next steps

Employee engagement surveys

Improve employee engagement with timely surveys and actionable insights designed to energise your workforce with purpose and passion.

  • Choose from our proven bank of questions
  • Capture feedback via our easy to use digital platform
  • Understand your results through dashboards and visual reporting
  • Create accountability with our action planning workshops
  • Implement action plans and next steps

Focus groups / interviews

Employee focus groups and interviews (qualitative research) are a great way to explore issues in more detail, test concepts and generate recommendations. Using our extensive research experience, we conduct meaningful employee focus groups and one-on-one interviews with leaders and other stakeholders.

Communication scorecards & dashboards

Track communication success with visual measurement scorecards and dashboards, allowing for quick reporting and easy analysis.

  • Select and agree the right metrics / key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Design bespoke communication scorecards/dashboards
  • Capture and populate data
  • Utilise results for reporting and continuous improvement

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