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Strategy & Planning

Empower your organisation with clear and impactful communication

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Communicate with impact

We understand that the strongest organisations are founded on clear communication, united behind a common purpose. That’s why we build unique and powerful communication strategies and campaigns, designed to engage, motivate and inspire your employees.

Internal communication strategies

Create your blueprint for internal communication success.

  • Define strategic communication objectives
  • Develop guiding principles
  • Shape key messages / message house
  • Segment audience / stakeholders
  • Choose the best channels
  • Develop a stand-out creative identity
  • Utilise engaging tools and tactics
  • Measure success

Policies, standards, and guidelines

Set the ‘ground rules’ with clearly defined internal communication best-practices.

  • Define internal content and editorial standards
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Develop channel policies (e.g. email and intranet usage)
  • Develop social networking guidelines for employees
  • Design easy to understand summary cards / infographics

Change communication strategy

Communicate change and influence transformation by inspiring employees to embrace a new way of doing things.

  • Clarify change goals
  • Shape key messages / message house
  • Develop change communication plan and tactics
  • Design visual transformation / change map
  • Identify change ambassadors
  • Develop change toolkits and talking points
  • Measure impact

Crisis communication strategy

Effectively communicate with your employees during emergency situations.

    Pre-crisis planning

  • Develop a crisis communication structure and response plan
  • Identify critical channels
  • Agree key roles and responsibilities
  • During crisis

  • Respond rapidly with clear crisis messaging
  • Utilise identified channels and tactics
  • Quickly adjust to lessons learned and changing circumstances

Employer branding and value proposition

Attract and retain top talent with a well-defined employee value proposition and employer brand.

  • Define EVP statements
  • Develop ‘employer of choice’ messages / message house
  • Build a distinctive employer brand identity and guidelines
  • Implement employer brand across the employee lifecycle (recruitment, onboarding, career success, offboarding)

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