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Communicate your corporate strategy so that everyone can contribute to a common vision.

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Do your employees understand your strategy?

There’s little point in spending time designing a corporate strategy if employees don’t understand their role in implementing it.

You need to communicate your strategy in a memorable way, helping employees to make the right decisions.

How we can help

We communicate your corporate strategy so that everyone can contribute to a common vision for success.

Strategic Thinking & Planning


Strategic Thinking & Planning

Engage your employees in strategy development sessions.

Our solutions include:
  • Agenda design
  • Creative theme and collateral
  • Workshop templates
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Presentation design
  • Graphic recording
  • Output reports

Strategy Implementation


Strategy Implementation

Capture the attention of your employees and equip them for implementation.

Our solutions include:
  • Communication campaigns
  • Visual strategy maps
  • Training via gamification
  • Strategy in action series
  • Strategy explainer toolkits

Progress Review & Updates


Progress Review & Updates

Keep your employees updated and informed.

Our solutions include:
  • Townhalls / quarterly updates
  • ‘Celebrate achievements’ events
  • Reporting templates
  • Progress dashboards
  • Leadership messaging


Overcoming Common Barriers to Strategy Implementation

Communicating your strategy is an essential, ongoing component of your implementation efforts. This infographic identifies common implementation barriers and provides practical communication tips and tools for overcoming them.

Do you want to effectively communicate your strategy internally?

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